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Is a parallel parenting plan right for your children?

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2022 | Divorce |

Sometimes even the best efforts are insufficient for maintaining cordial interactions as divorcing parents. Most parenting plans require substantial communication between both parties in terms of scheduling visitation, navigating challenges and settling day-to-day issues. When even that communication is challenging, a parallel parenting plan might be the best solution.

There are several things that set parallel parenting plans apart from traditional methods.

Divided parenting choices

With a parallel parenting plan, each parent has the independence to make their own choices when the children are with them. Each parent establishes their own household rules, expectations and decisions. Parents do not have to discuss decisions together if the child is in their care. If one parent wishes to permit ear piercing, that is within their right even if the other parent disagrees.

Minimized communication

If you and your former spouse struggle with strained communication, parenting plans that require ongoing conversation can be difficult. Parallel parenting plans minimize this to just unavoidable communication. Contact between the two of you is only necessary for things such as medical decisions and important calendar events.

Increased independence

The biggest overall difference with parallel parenting plans is the increased independence allowed for each parent. It does mean more tolerance of the other parent’s decisions, but it allows you the same freedom.

Avoiding arguments and hostility helps ensure peace and support for your children following divorce. When communication is so strained between you and your spouse that arguments are unavoidable, consider a parallel parenting plan to minimize those conversations and the potential for disagreements.

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