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Getting The Necessary Support For Your Children

There’s a lot of anxiety as you enter into divorce or child custody discussions. It’s an uncertain situation with serious consequences that will affect your children’s upbringing. Whether your co-parent is reliable or if there are trust issues, you’re seeking a new arrangement and you won’t know the outcome at the start.

In Louisiana, child support is determined by the gross income of both parents. It is paid to the domiciliary parent to help with the financial, medical and emotional expenses of raising a child when the parents live in different homes.

We’ve Been Through This Ourselves

Child support cases vary significantly from family to family, whether it’s the initial agreement, modification, enforcement or seeking hidden income. You need an attorney who understands your situation — the actual cost of raising a child and the true measure of both incomes.

Dyan Schnaars is an experienced lawyer who has been through divorce herself, including a custody battle for her own child. She understands the struggles within a changing household and emotional disputes, as well as the financial and legal matters that directly affect them.

Doing What Is Right

We are an experienced law firm that believes in counsel with conscience. Our firm’s ethical standards are at the core of our work. We’ll listen to your concerns and fight on your behalf to make sure your children have the best opportunities available to them in a child support agreement.

We will advocate for you and your children, helping to enforce an agreement that’s not being followed or working with both parents if a modification is needed when there is a relocation, job change or other life event that affects your family.

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We’re counsel that cares, and we want to help your family through a challenging situation. We’ve been recognized for our dedication to others by both the Lafayette Bar Association and the Louisiana State Bar Association. Our commitment and compassion for our clients is on display in everything we do.

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