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Establishing And Disputing Paternity

When a child is born out of wedlock in Louisiana, there is no established father by default. Instead, a formal acknowledgment is necessary. This can be done by the addition of a biological father’s name to the birth certificate in the hospital or by filling an Acknowledgment of Paternity.

Why Establish Paternity?

Having a new child is a life-altering and emotionally charged event. Legal paperwork is often the least of a new father’s worries. However, taking the steps to establish paternity provides greater opportunity for the child and will avoid disputes with the mother later in life.

Establishing paternity helps the child in many ways:

  • It identifies genetic conditions.
  • It provides an easier case for custody.
  • It allows access to government benefits.
  • It defines responsibility for child support.
  • It provides a path to inheritance.

Disavowing A Paternity Claim

While the list above provides benefits for your children, there are instances where you can be misidentified as the father.

This can be very costly and have lasting expenses. An experienced attorney can help prove your relationship through a paternity test or other legal means in an efficient, cost-effective way.

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