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Grandparents’ Rights And Roles

The right to raise your child is a basic right in Louisiana. Although parental rights are hard to override, it is possible in the right situation. Grandparents are increasingly playing a larger role in raising their grandchildren, including visitation, legal decision-making and custody rights.

Grandparents may be involved in raising a child when there are legal or substance abuse problems, an absentee parent or a parent whose disabilities limit their ability to care for their children. Grandparents’ rights are often determined by the court based on the existing relationship a grandparent has with grandchildren.

Such cases are complicated, but the right attorney can influence your outcome and help re-establish or empower your access to your grandchildren.

Counsel That Cares

If your relationship with your grandchildren is in danger, or if a parent is unfit to care for your grandchildren and you need legal help, we can investigate your situation to determine the strength of your case. , is a family law firm that’s honest about your chances and compassionate in our approach.

We’re counsel with conscience, and we’ll work with you to seek what’s best for your family.

Dyan Schnaars is a lawyer who will work with you, hands-on, throughout your case. She’ll explain the law and guide you through the process. The Lafayette Bar Association and the Louisiana State Bar Association have recognized her work, and she is active with her church and the local community.

She is dedicated to helping her clients get what’s best for their families, offering an experienced and strong voice for those in need.

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Call us to learn more about grandparents’ rights and what you can do to help your grandchildren. You can reach our office at 337-446-2392 or you can send us a message through our website, and we’ll get back to you.

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