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Life Changes And Child Support Agreements

Raising children is a lifelong adventure. The divorce or custody agreement is a solid foundation, but life events can disrupt the original plan – whether that means a new job, moving to a new city or state, budget issues that make you unable to meet your obligations or an uncooperative co-parent. It’s common to need a lawyer to update your parenting plan. It is important to notify the other parent in writing, preferably by certified mail, before you proceed with any relocation out of the jurisdiction of the court that issued your current custody order.

Workable Solutions That Meet Your Needs

When stress and anxiety affect your life, they also affect your parenting and your children. At , we seek to reduce conflict and pain. We work with you to find solutions that meet your needs. Our motto, “Counsel that cares,” reflects attorney Dyan Schnaars’ dedication to her clients, whether that means staunch defense of an existing settlement or negotiating new terms with your co-parent.

Dealing with life changes is never easy, and it’s important to find solutions before they take a toll on your family.

A People-First Approach To Legal Matters

We’re an experienced law firm that is recognized for our people-first approach and our dedication to working with our clients. We’ll fight for your parental rights and to make sure that you’re getting what your children need. We’re a unique firm that emphasizes strong defense combined with compassionate customer service. The legal process can be challenging, but it should not become an additional burden on your family.

Dyan Schnaars is dedicated to helping Louisiana families. She has 17 combined years in family law, beginning her career as a paralegal and later opening her own firm. She is committed to helping families through tough times, balancing their emotional and legal needs carefully.

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