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Alimony In Louisiana

Spousal support, formerly known as alimony, is a payment owed to a former spouse during and after a divorce. It’s meant to maintain an established quality of life as the marriage ends and household income changes. There are two types of alimony in Louisiana: interim spousal support and permanent periodic spousal support.

There are many factors to spousal support, including the standard of living of the parties during the marriage, the family roles of each spouse, chosen career paths and if sacrifices were made during the marriage or divorce that would affect earning potential. Issues of fault will also come into play. Combined, it’s a complicated formula that varies based on your personal divorce case and on your choice of attorney.

Getting Through Tough Times

, is a Lafayette firm that puts its clients first. We’re dedicated to helping you get through the challenge of divorce while minimizing the emotional turmoil that comes with it. Dyan Schnaars has been through a difficult divorce herself, and she is experienced with Louisiana law as well as the emotional challenges of the process.

She’s a compassionate lawyer who fights for her clients and intensifies her professional experience with a strong set of values rooted in helping people get through tough times. When you’re struggling with divorce, she will be there to support you and to fight on your behalf.

Looking Out For You

Ms. Schnaars found her calling in family law. She started her career as a paralegal and later earned a law degree, opening her own firm in 2012. She is experienced in Louisiana law, and she knows that legal counsel is more than just understanding the law: it’s providing customer service that earns trust and respect from her clients.

She’ll work with you to determine your cost of living and your earning potential as it affects the cost of your divorce against your quality of life. When your marital status changes, your life shouldn’t be flipped upside down. She will help you maintain order and seek what’s in your best interests for a fresh start or a modification through post-divorce life changes.

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