Divorce And Property Division

In Louisiana, any property you acquire during marriage is presumed to be community property. This means it's shared between both spouses. If you purchased a home or a car, started a business or invested in land, it is owned by both spouses. In a divorce, community property will be divided — either by agreement pending the divorce judgment, or by court order in a partition action after divorce.

Not all possessions can be split down the middle. For some couples, selling the home and dividing the profit is the easiest approach but, sometimes, one party keeps the house. In other cases, there are conditions related to who is granted future use of the assets, and who is responsible for which debts. Valuing a business or dividing a retirement account is even more challenging. Reimbursement claims must also be calculated.

An Individualized Approach

Schnaars Law Firm, LLC, is an experienced Lafayette law office. We know and understand the difficulties of achieving a fair division of assets. Founding attorney Dyan Schnaars has been divorced herself, and she's familiar with the challenges of reaching an agreement. She works with you throughout the divorce process, standing firm when it's needed and looking toward what you will need to be successful in the future. We will examine your community estate with you to find a resolution that works for all parties.

Divorce is a difficult experience. We will help you through the process with as little pain as possible. Each situation is unique, and we treat each case with a personal touch.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach. We are experienced with different types of property, including self-employed divorcees, hidden asset cases, complex trust holdings and disputed ownership of family heirlooms.

Professional And Compassionate Representation

In working with us, you get a lawyer who can relate to the challenges you face. We've been through this firsthand, and we have experience helping others get through the tough times. Our confidence and personal approach will put you at ease through the property division process.

We can also help update any wills and legal documents that include community assets or property to make sure your status is up to date after your divorce.

Call us today to see if we're the right lawyer to get you through your divorce. We can be reached at 337-446-2392 or by email. At Schnaars Law Firm, LLC, we're counsel that cares.